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The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy
Over the past 30 years, philosophy has become an important arena for feminists. Recent feminist work has challenged canonical claims about the role of women and has developed new methods of analysis and critique, and in so doing has reinvigorated central areas of philosophy.The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy is an introduction to the field, consisting of fifteen newly-written essays that apply philosophical methods and approaches to feminist concerns. From analyses of women in the history of philosophy to the relation of feminism to topics such as pragmatism, epistemology, political philosophy, aesthetics and phenomenology, the Guide is a resource for those who wish to explore how feminist philosophy is transforming the very nature of philosophical inquiry.
Alcoff, Linda / Kittay, Eva Feder
filosofie / lesbisch / epistemologie / esthetiek / feminisme / canons / theorieën / bundel
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