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Captive women : oblivion and memory in Argentina
Rotker reflects on the erasion by Argentina of the presence of Indians, Africans, and mestizos from its national story. Official documents and censuses have largely omitted any references to the country's non-European inhabitants, mirroring official policies that once included the extermination of indigenous peoples and continued to encourage Europeanization well into the twentieth century. Rotker exposes this concerted act of forgetting by looking at a historical phenomenon that has been expunged from the national record : the widespread kidnapping of white women by Argentine Indians in the nineteenth century.
Rotker, Susana / French, Jennifer
historiografie / racisme / ontvoering / indianen / witte vrouwen / zwarte vrouwen / literatuur / vrouwbeelden / Argentinië / 19e eeuw
via de website van Aletta.

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