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companion to gender history
This book describes the history of women around the world, their interaction with men in gendered societies, and the role of gender in shaping human behavior over thousands of years. Including topics: Sexuality; Gender and Labor in World History; Structures and Meanings in a Gendered Family History; Religion and Gender: Embedded Patterns, Interwoven Frameworks; Gender Rules: Law and Politics; Race, Gender, and other Differences in Feminist Theory;Gender and Education Before and After Mass Schooling; How Images Got Their Gender: Masculinity and Femininity in the Visual Arts; Revolution, Nationalism, and Anti-Imperialism; Feminist Movements: Gender and Sexual Equality; Digging up Gender in the Earliest Human Societies; Classical and Post-Classical Societies (2000 BCE–1400 CE); Women in the Middle East; Gendered Themes in Early African History; Confucian Complexities: China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam; Early Western Civilization Under the Sign of Gender: Europe and the Mediterranean, 40000 BCE to 1400 CE; Gender in the Ancient Americas: From Earliest Villages to European Colonization; Gender and the Development of Modern Society (1400–1750); Gender History, Southeast Asia, and the 'World Regions Framework'; Did Gender have a Renaissance? Exclusions and Traditions in Early Modern Western Europe; Self, Society, and Gender in Early Modern Russia and Eastern Europe; A New World Engendered: The Making of the Iberian Transatlantic Empires; Gender and the Modern World (1750–1920); Rescued from Obscurity: Contributions and Challenges in Writing the History of Gender in the Middle East and North Africa; Gender, Women, and the Power in Africa, 1750–1914; Clash of Culturs: Gender and Colonialism in South and Southeast Asia; From Private to Public Patriarchy: Women, Labor, and the State of East Asia, 1600–1919; Gender in the Formation of European Power, 1750–1914; Latin America and the Caribbean; North America from North of the 49th Parallel; Gender in the Contemporary World (1920–2003); Frameworks of Gender: Feminism and Nationalism in Twentieth-Century Asia; Women and Gender Roles in Africa since 1918; Continuities Amid Change: Gender Ideas and Arrangements in Twentieth-Century Russia and Eastern Europe; Reform and Revolution in Twentieth-Century Latin America and the Caribbean; Equality and Difference in the Twentieth-Century West: North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Meade, Teresa A. / Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E.
vrouwengeschiedenis / gender / feminisme / gelijke behandeling / vrouwenbewegingen / rolgedrag / politieke stromingen / seksualiteit / arbeid / familierelaties / wetgeving / politiek / religie / onderwijs / etniciteit / kunsten / historische perioden / historisch / wereld / bundel
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