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Deconstructing heterosexism in the counseling professions : a narrative approach
By using the personal narratives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual counseling psychologists and counselor educators this book discusses the heterosexist discourse in the counseling professions and how to build the strength and complexity of the current LGB affirmative counter discourse in the counseling professions. The chapters in the second section of the book provide treatments of difficult issues for counseling professionals concerning sexual orientation: tensions between race and sexual orientation, and issues around openness versus other ways to manage a minority sexual identity.
Croteau, James M. / Lark, Julianne S. / Lidderdale, Melissa A. / [et al.]
hulpverlening / therapieën / therapeuten / hulpverlener cliënt relatie / heteroseksisme / seksuele voorkeur / homoseksualiteit / biseksualiteit / etniciteit / bundel
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