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development of legal instruments to combat racsim in a diverse Europe
Scholars mostly of law but also sociology, and practitioners in community relations and policy making describe the responses of the Council of Europe and the European Union to the resurgence of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism during the 1990s; and consider the prospects for combating discrimination in Europe using tools that have emerged as a result. They begin by looking at the evolution of the Council of Europe apparatus to combat discrimination and the anti-discrimination standards prescribed by its institutions. Then they examine the legislative measures recently adopted by the European Union, and conclude with a comparative perspective of all measures adopted at the European level to combat racial and ethnic discrimination.Part 1. Council of Europe Anti Discrimination StandardsPart 2. Eurpean Union Anti Discrimination Legislative MeasuresPart 3. A Comparative perspective
Niessen, Jan / Chopin, Isabelle
recht / racisme / gender / EU / EU-richtlijnen / Europese integratie / bundel
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