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Different families, same love : all entitled to equal recognition, rights and respect. Working for equality and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Europe
"Many EU countries have laws recognising same-sex marriage and registered partnerships, but most do not recognise each others' laws. For example, two lesbians are married in Belgium. To continue to benefit from the rights, responsibilities and protections outside Belgium, they can only move to one of a few EU countries which currently recognise their marriage. The lack of mutual recognition results in serious violations of one of the most fundamental EU principles - freedom of movement of citizens". Zie ook: A5206 t/m A5216
lesbische huwelijken / homohuwelijken / geregistreerd partnerschappen / recht / wetgeving / Europa / 2000-2009 / 21e eeuw
via de website van Aletta.

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