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Dutch culture in a European perspective, Volume 3 : 1900: the age of bourgeois culture
Originally published in Dutch as '1900: hoogtij van burgerlijke cultuur' (2000).This volume describes the history, cultural patterns and particularities of the Netherlands around the years 1900. It focuses on the rediscovery or reconstruction of the Golden Age, on the Dutch colonial empire in the East Indies and relations with South Africa, on the emancipation of the Roman Catholics after 1853, on the Jewish community in Amsterdam and other cities, and on various Protestant denominations. Attention is paid to the utopian aspects of early socialism and the ideological background of feminism, and to the connection between socialism, mysticism, and symbolic art.
Bank, Jan / Buuren, Maarten van / Richards, Lynne / Rudge, John
cultuur / filosofie / wetenschap / socialisme / religie / kunsten / literatuur / schrijvers / vrouwenstrijd / feminisme / kolonialisme / eeuwwisseling / Nederland / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw
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