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Feminism, law, inclusion : intersectionality in action
The articles in this book are written by legal advocates, community activists and legal scholars. The ten essays examine theories of intersectionality to demonstrate how race, class, sexual orientation, gender and identity have been integrated into legal scholarship and activism in an attempt to shape legal policy and practice. Section I addresses anti-racism in community legal practice, the legal construction of women's sexuality as deviant, the protection of sexual orientation under human rights legislation, and the gender and racial characteristics of the judiciary. Section 2 looks at women's place in the legal profession, international women's rights, and disrupting discriminatory practices in the workplace. Section 3 discusses the rights of Native women, racial bias in legal judgements, and the recognition and protection of same-sex spousal rights.
MacDonald, Gayle / Osborne, Rachel L. / Smith, Charles
recht / etniciteit / identiteit / seksuele voorkeur / intersectionaliteit / mensenrechten / juridische beroepen / betaalde arbeid / inheemse volkeren / lesbische vrouwen / bundel
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