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Feminist thought : a more comprehensive introduction
An introduction to the major traditions of feminist theory, Feminist Thought includes incisive, critical examinations of liberal feminism, radical feminism, Marxist and socialist feminism, and ecofeminism. This third edition has been thoroughly reformulated and expanded to include the latest developments in feminist thought, including a new chapter on care-focused feminism, an exploration of the connections of multicultural and global feminism with postcolonial feminism and a close consideration of the links between postmodern feminism and third-wave feminism . Key feminist theorists such as Judith Butler, Martha Nussbaum, and Eva Feder Kittay receive new or extended discussions. The bibliography, organized by topics within chapters, provides an aid to further research.
Tong, Rosemarie
filosofie / vrouwenstudies / feminisme / kiesrecht / pornografie / spiritualiteit / lesbianisme / moederschap / marxisme / socialistisch feminisme / psychoanalyse / multicultureel / globalisering / postkolonialisme / ecofeminisme / derde feministische golf / 18e eeuw / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw / 21e eeuw
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