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Fremdbestimmtes Leben : eine biographische Studie über Frauen in Tschetschenien
After the collapse of the Sovjet Union and during the war with the Russian Federation many inhabitants of the republic of Tjetsenia asked themselves questions on their origins and identity. The result was a revival of traditional values in peoples attitudes to the history and culture of their country. Marit Cremer studied the social structure of Tjetsenian society, the social relationships of men and women, and their system of values. The book is based on an empirical study, performed in 2006, and on biographical-narrative interviews with five Tjetsnian women living in Germany.
Cremer, Marit
identiteit / normen / nationaal / politieke stromingen / economie / islam / oorlog en vrede / gezondheid / etniciteit / vluchtelingen / gender / landen in transitie / Rusland / interview / biografische gegevens
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