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Gender and human rights in the Commonwealth : some critical issues for action in the decade 2005-2015
This book brings together the papers commissioned for a Pan-Commonwealth Expoert Group Meeting on Gender and Human Rights which took place at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London in February 2004. The papers address a wide range of gender and human rights issues, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), gender-based violence, culture and the law, indigenous peoples, trafficking and migration, land and property rights, diversity and a life cycle approach to gender and human rights. The contributors include government policy makers, judges, lawyers, academics, representatives of civil society organisations and specialists from multilateral agencies including the Commonwealth Secretariat.
Dairiam, Shanti / Acar, Feride / Mumma, Catherine Muyeka / Clark, Fiona / Johnson, Tina / Shivdas, Meena M. / Lim, Lin Lean / Agarwal, Bina / Kiwala, Lucia / Whall, Helena
mensenrechten / gender / vrouwenverdrag / recht / geweld / migratie / vrouwenhandel / landbezit / inheemse volkeren / Verenigd Koninkrijk / rapport / toekomst
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