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Gender & care : cutting edge pack
‘Gender and Care Cutting Edge Pack’ includes an overview report; a collection of supporting resources, such as key texts, case studies, tools, guides,and organisations; and issue 20 (february 2009) of Bridge Bulletin , a bulletin on gender and development. 'The Pack' assesses how it might be possible to move towards a world in which individuals and society recognise and value the importance of different forms of care, but without reinforcing care work as something that only women can or should do. It discusses why care is such an important issue for development work and social justice activism, especially in the face of emerging 'care crises' such as ageing populations and the HIV pandemic. Drawing on diverse examples of initiatives taking place in countries across the world, it considers what strategies offer the best prospects for change.
zorgarbeid / zorg / ontwikkelingsbeleid / genderplanning / AIDS / migratie / recht / onderwijs
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