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Gender nonconformity, race, and sexuality : charting the connections
How are culturally constructed stereotypes about appropriate sex-based behaviour formed? If a person who is biologically female behaves in a stereotypically masculine manner, what are the social, political, and cultural forces that may police her behaviour? And how will she manage her gendered image in response to that policing? Finally, how do race, ethnicity, or sexuality inform the way that sex-based roles are constructed, policed, or managed? Writers in this book look at gender nonconformity from conceptual, theoretical, and empirical perspectives. They emphasize that gender nonconformists can be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or anyone else who does not fit a model of Caucasian heterosexual behavior characterized by binary masculine and feminine roles.
Lester, Toni / Summers, Martin / Pinnuck, Francine / Dowling, Shannon / Hegarty, Peter / Greenberg, Julie / Martin, Carol / Chadwick, Whitney / Gilmartin, Katie / Gentile, Mary / Patel, Geeta / Anderson, Michael
seksualiteit / transgender / latina's / recht / etniciteit / bundel
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