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Over zijn werk voor de Italiaanse school:

"But from a personal point of view I think it was a very, very important experience. It helped me actually to come to Holland and to do something, to socialize even, if you want. Not just,work. It was also for me a moment of going up, don’t know, if you want to call it like that, to get out of the world I was living before as a student, as a university student. So I think it was an extremely important experience [...]. And it also helped me having this extra activity, it helped me to get used to the new environment, because the first feeling when you come to a foreign country, and that was the same for me, I was a little bit lost. At the beginning it was not so easy to adapt, to accept all changes are coming up and also of course as I mentioned difficulty in language and everything was new. So it took me a while. So it helped a lot, it created this bond with this small group of people, which personally, I think the initiative, it helped these other people as well, but it helped myself and my friends very much. Maybe even more.

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