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1st Annual CESSMIR Conference: Needs and Care Practices for Refugees and Migrants

17 september 2018 - 19 september 2018

Conference theme

The migration and mobility of people, whether forced by circumstances of violence, conflict or poverty or as a certain choice during people’s live, is a phenomenon of all times. However, worldwide globalization processes have accelerated these phenomena and the influences they have on the social, cultural, economic and political fabric of societies. On top, several conflicts worldwide have created a significant increase in the number of refugees seeking protection in different parts of the world, including the European continent.

Migration, mobility and fleeing may challenge the involved individuals, families, communities and societies, creating a range of diverse and sometimes complex needs. Moreover, the growing numbers of migrants and refugees have challenged the existing care and need structures for these groups in different life domains, such as education, health, law and labour, with increasing pressures on societies’ main principles of solidarity and human rights. 

Call for Papers
We invite scholars, policy makers and practitioners to discuss their perspectives and experiences on the compelling needs of different groups of refugees, migrants and newcomers in a global perspective and the diverse ways to address these needs. We hereby want to focus on interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and transnational perspectives.

Conference streams
Submissions will be welcomed on the following conference streams, which you will need to choose one from during submission of your paper: (1) Education, language and integration, (2) Work, (3) Wellbeing, identity and resources, (4) Health and health care, (5) Trajectories and place-making, (6) Law, asylum & rights and (7) Reception & housing.

More information
All information about this conference as well as about the Call for Papers, including guidelines for submitting your abstract can be find here or on our website.

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