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Knowing our rights : women, family, laws and customs in the Muslim World
First published in 2003 by Women Living Under Muslim Laws (London).Handbook that covers twenty-six topics relevant to marriage and divorce, including the status of children (paternity and adoption) and child custody and guardianship, in so far as these affect the lives of women as mothers. Each chapter contains an overview of the main issues in laws, implementation and practices for that topic. A comparitive table of laws is provided, who are ranked to indicate which legal provisions were more or less optional for women. Also additional information is given in the form of boxes and case studies. These highlight particular positive or negative trends, illustrate issues and strategies in country-specific detail, or point out the possible pitfalls of reform. Women's rights are researched for women in Algeria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Fiji, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunesia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.
Women Living Under Muslim Laws. International Solidarity Network
rechtspositie / mensenrechten / moslima's / islam / wetgeving / familierecht / huwelijken / huwelijksgebruiken / polygamie / kinderen / echtscheidingen / alimentatie / voogdij / adoptie / Azië / Afrika / Fiji / handboek
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