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Lesbians and work : the advantages and disadvantages of 'comfortable shoes'
This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies.What differences and similarities exist at work between lesbian women in various careers around the world? This book tries to answer this question, providing respected authorities presenting qualitative research methods to closely examine lesbian women’s working lives. This resource discusses the variability among lesbians in their experiences of and responses to workplace heteronormativity and cites the similarities among lesbians across geographical and national boundaries. Presented in their own words, these women’s viewpoints reveal a wide spectrum of experiences of being a lesbian woman in the workplace. The book provides international perspectives on lesbians and work that shows how sexual orientation issues can influence career choices and choosing a career path.
Brand, Pamela
lesbische vrouwen / diversiteit / betaalde arbeid / loopbanen / vrouwen in mannenberoepen
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