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Refugees from Nazi Germany in the Netherlands 1933-1940

Bob Moore
Dordrecht, Boston: M. Nijhoff,

There have been few studies of the impact which refugees from Germany had on European countries  in the 1930s, and fewer still on those countries which bordered the Third Reich. Moreover, discussion of the refugee problem as it  affected the Netherlands, has been coloured by events which took place during the German occupation.

In looking up specifically at the Netherlands, the aim of this book is to place the refugee issue firmly in the political, social and economic context of the 1930s, and to assess the different problems created by Jewish and potential victims of the Nazi regime. It examines the treatment of refugees by sympathetic groups in the Netherlands and the structure and financing of relief organisations, before looking in detail at the attitude of successive Dutch governments to the refugees and the relief agencies. By examining the political , economic and the international constraints which framed the development of a refugee "policy", the book seeks to explain how 33,000 people were given soem form of sanctuary, but many thousands more were turned away.

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