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Migration, gender and national identity : Spanish migrant women in London
This book examines the effects of international migration on the shaping of national and gender identities of Spanish women who migrated to the UK between the 1940s and the 1990s from different socio-economic, educational backgrounds and generations. It explores the dynamics between the power of social institutions and women's agency in shaping their identities in two different countries: Spain and the UK. In looking at individuals' formation of identities, the complexity of the social sites of different social classes, educational attainments and generations, is illuminated.This study looks at how gender and nation are appropriated in women's accounts and how representations of gender and nation relate to other significant social phenomena.
Bravo-Moreno, Ana
migratie / identiteit / kerken / overheid / sociale klasse / statistiek / Spanje / Verenigd Koninkrijk
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