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Monuments to the lost cause : women, art, and the landscapes of southern memory
Contributors to this illustrated volume focus on the influence of Southernwhite women on the fund-raising campaigns to build monuments, architectural memorials, and outdoor ritual spaces as means to express their deeply felt perspectives about the Civil War. Other contributors explore the creative alternative ways in which people outside the white southern culture - African Americans and Union supporters - wrote their very different histories on the southern landscape. The authors trace the origins, objectives, and changing consequences of Conferderate monuments over time and the dynamics of individuals and organisations that sponsored them.
Mills, Cynthia / Simpson, Pamela H.
architectuur / monumenten / oorlogsslachtoffers / tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur / fondsen / politieke participatie / witte vrouwen / zwarte vrouwen / Verenigde Staten / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw / bundel
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