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Nederland of Italië

Het feit dat meneer Gardini nog in contact was met familie en vrienden maakte het makkelijker om zich weer thuis te voelen in Cuneo als hij op vakantie was.

"Coming from a small village has the advantage you know everybody. So to go back was really like going back to a family. To a family, to a group of friends so from that point of view it was always very nice. Of course you accumulate different experience, but it did not, I did not feel as a, let’s say, an outsider."

In andere aspecten voelde hij zich toch niet 100 procent op zijn plaats in Italië.

"What I realized pretty soon, but that was also quite obvious, that I would not fit, is on working environment and on, on, let alone the political life in Italy. When you have an experience abroad and you see other things and you, you would never fit into that situation anymore."

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