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New perspectives on gender and migration : empowerment, rights, and entitlements
This book discusses recent theoretical and empirical developments in international migration from a gender perspective. Its main objective is to analyse the diversification and stratification of gendered migratory streams with regard to skill level, labour market integration, and legal status. The book builds upon the recent shift in scholarly research on migration, with women-centred research shifting more toward the analysis of gender. Theoretical formulations of gender as relational, and as spatially and temporally contextual have begun to inform gendered analyses of migration. The contributions to this book elaborate in more detail the broader social factors that influence migrating women’s and men’s roles, access to resources, facilities and services.
Piper, Nicola
migratie / verzorgingsstaat / arbeidsmarkt / mensenrechten / politieke participatie / empowerment / Verenigde Staten / Canada / Europa / Zuidelijk Afrika / Oost-Azië / Zuidoost-Azië / Mexico / bundel
New York
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