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Forging Radboud University collaborations: Establishing the RU Network for Migrant Inclusion

Migrant inclusion in receiving societies is an essential element in efforts geared at bridging the global-local divide. Migrants in receiving societies – if empowered to exercise their agency – contribute substantially to the wellbeing and prosperity of receiving, transition and origin regions. Given the paramount importance of ongoing societal challenges in related issues and the major contribution that interdisciplinary scientific knowledge can make, a substantive group of about 20 RU scholars wants to intensify collaboration in research and teaching in the domain of migrant inclusion studies. These scholars are affiliated with the RU Nijmegen School of Management, the faculties of Arts, Law, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies and the Radboud University Medical Centre. To foster interdisciplinary and interfaculty collaboration, recently the RU-wide RU Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI) was initiated as a spin-off of the RU Healthy Society initiative. This GLOCAL micro-grant will support the RUNOMI start-up activities programmed over the period June – November 2018, which entail the kick-off meeting of founding members (June) as well as seminar series on Migrant Inclusion (Fall).

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