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Plotseling vertrek

Toch waren andere dingen in het migratieproces moeilijker. Dhr. Gardini geeft aan dat de voorbereiding wel een beetje kan helpen bij de migratie.

"So it was somehow difficult. But difficult because I, but my colleagues here as well, was not prepared to emigrate. So, for us it was a big step to come to Holland. [...] the opportunity came very suddenly and I was busy working in the university. Then the letter arrived in August and in August the university is closed. So I found it end of August when I went back to Torino. And in [...] two days I had to come to Holland. So I had no time, didn’t know where Noordwijk was. And so it was a rather hectic moment. So I just came here and had the interview. I was absolutely convinced I would never get the job. [...] And then I got an offer and came back to Holland at the end of October ’75. So the things went very fast. 

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