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psychology of women at work : challenges and solutions for our female workforce : Volume I : career liberation, history, and the new millennium
The author and other contributing experts examine all aspects of women at work, how it is changing American society, its women, their relationships, partners, and children. The factors that fuel women achievers are also discussed by female scholars and experts in the field, who illustrate points with their own career development stories.Issues in the workplace affecting women's wellbeing are discussed, including sexual harassment and related laws, pregnancy-related work policy and regulations, challenges for women bosses and career moms, the glass ceiling, racism, women's relationships with male coworkers, and issues that rise when a woman is the ‘breadwinner’.
Paludi, Michele A.
betaalde arbeid / organisaties / kostwinners / psychologisch / stress / communicatie / seksueel geweld / glazen plafond / man vrouw verschillen / leidinggevende beroepen / ondernemers / middelbaar onderwijs / wetgeving / personeelsbeleid / Israël / Verenigde Staten / statistiek / bundel
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