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Reis naar Nederland

"And then came, fortunately for me, an offer for research fellowship at ESTEC." Hij kon daar voor twee jaar gaan werken, maar zijn contract was niet verlengbaar. Hij hoorde op deze manier bij de korte-termijn expats, hij was hoogopgeleid en ging voor een korte periode in het buitenland werken. Toch was hij heel blij met deze mogelijkheid.

"It was for me a tremendous opportunity to get out of an impossible situation, from one side. And of course I realized that outside Italy there was a lot of things going on that, and also very high quality work that was unthinkable to have there."

"You have to realize that in those days to move from Italy to Holland or any other place in Europe was still emigrating. There was still the control, the borders, the douane checkpoint everywhere. And it was not like now that you travel around very easily."

"And so I took, I had a small car, a 500 FIAT, and I left Cuneo and travelled to Holland. Took me two days. Also because I was not a very good driver. I just got the driving licence short time before. And the funny thing is that my English was very poor, almost non-existing. Which was the other really big problem I had. I could read and write in English, technical things. But I did not know how to say spoon or anything like that. So it was not so easy [...]. So the first experience: I arrived at the Dutch border and they asked me what I was coming to do. So they wanted to see the paper, the contract, everything and they asked me: ‘Where do you go in Holland?’. No, they asked me: ‘Where do you go?’. And I said: ‘I go to Noordwijk’. But my pronunciation was very bad, so they understood I was going to Norway. And they told me: ‘You are going to the wrong country!’. And, so they checked everything and they let me go of course.

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