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Rethinking North and South in post-coloniality : proceedings of the post-graduate course, IUC Dubrovnik May 28-June 1, 2007
The aim of this course is to explore and discuss various ways of articulating and affirming the voice as a powerful agency of social change. The voice is theorized as women’s existence, women’s theory and women’s art .Voice can be silenced and silence itself; it can be absent and multiple, a feminist scream and artistic expression, noise and excitement, oppressed and revolutionary, a voice of the Other and a voice in favour of Otherness, a voice of women’s subversion and transformation. All of them express feminist concerns and are also an expression of feminist concerns. Beyond Derrida’s idea of phonocentrism, the course pays atention to “politics of the voice” in its fulfilment. Feminist voice challenges the responsibility of the diversity of voices in their multiplicities.
Jambresic-Kirin, Renata / Prlenda, Sandra
kunsten / postkolonialisme / filosofie / feminisme / cursusmateriaal / Bosnië
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