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"The question was to which school would we send our daughters? And at the end, we decided to put them into the Dutch system from the basisschool onwards, because first: there was no Italian school. If there would have been one, maybe we would have thought different. To go to International House, English, or French, or German, then they, thought, well they will acquire a culture which is not Italian, we did not like it. And then the other things that in International School there is a big turnover. Children change from one year to the next one many go away. And so we said let’s try at least for them to integrate and more into the environment. So we sent them to the basisschool here. Then later on to the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden. So they grow up into the Dutch system, and I think it was the right decision. Of course we took the risk, if I had to move then of course the Dutch system is, you don’t find a Dutch school in another county.

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