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Shared spaces and divided places : material dimensions of gender relations and the American historical landscape
This collection of essays links gender and landscape research, and explores the relationship between the two. The essays contained in this volume represent a range of human response to nature and space from historical to modern examples, from industrial to recreational sites, and from secular to religious purposes. [Plantation slave communities discussed by Amy Young, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial analysed by Patricia McGirr, a tin worker's shop studied by Kenneth Lewis, Boston's playgrounds discussed by Suzanne Spencer-Wood, a Massachusetts municipal water system examined by Susan Hautaniemi and Deborah Rotman, and a Shaker community assessed by Ellen-Rose Savulis.]
Rotman, Deborah L. / Savulis, Ellen-Rose
geschiedenis / platteland / archeologie / monumenten / onderzoek / rolgedrag / slavernij / gender / Verenigde Staten
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