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Sisterhood questioned : race, class and internationalism in the American and British women's movements c. 1880s - 1970s
In this study Bolt sheds light on the differences in the area of race, class and internationalism, which flourished in an era of political reaction, economic insecurity, polarising nationalism and resurgent anti-feminism. The author reveals how the conflicts were seized upon and publicised by contemporaries, and how the activists themselves were forced to confront the increasingly complex tensions. in particular, the American and british women's movements grew further apart as British women became more conscious of American money, expectation of influence and opposition to the existence of Britain's empire.
Bolt, Christine
vrouwenbewegingen / etniciteit / feminisme / eerste wereldoorlog / tweede wereldoorlog / nationalisme / internationale betrekkingen / sociale klasse / conflicten / VN / vrouwenorganisaties / Verenigd Koninkrijk / Verenigde Staten / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw
New York
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