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Taking on the big boys : or why feminism is good for families, business, and the nation
The author relates stories from business and government and women's testimonies from offices, assembly lines, hospitals, and schools. She discusses the ways how 'the big boys' portray feminism as women against men, and their opinions about pay equity, family leave and flex time. The author argues for feminism as a system of beliefs, laws and practices that fully values women and their work. She also provides activist strategies to help achieve a society where both men and women are able to reach their potential.
Bravo, Ellen
arbeidsomstandigheden / gelijke behandeling / discriminatie / gelijke beloning / betaalde arbeid / zorgarbeid / vrouwen in mannenberoepen / seksuele intimidatie / vakbonden / deeltijdarbeid / flexibele arbeid / moederschap / feminisme / Verenigde Staten
New York
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