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Terug naar Italië?

Hij heeft verder nooit meer serieus overwogen om terug te gaan naar Italië:

"There were the certain time at the end, when I was still working in Germany that I got some very interesting offers from Italian industry. But something was lost.I did not trust that, I trust the people who gave me the proposals. That was absolutely no problem. I knew them very well. I did not trust the system. To go back to Italy, to start a new life over there, I felt, well I did not feel comfortable. Okay, I made the step to leave, twice, and there was no such a fantastic opportunity when you. Not only money, I mean also in terms, really in term of work. Something said, ‘yes that what they want to do. I go back, I do that!’ I could not find that. So I decided, okay: I stay abroad and that’s, that’s it. [...] If I did not have this opportunity to come back to Holland I probably would have stayed in Germany anyways. So, that is also were I met my wife by the way."

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