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Terug naar school

De Italiaanse migranten waar ze met name mee spraken hadden twee reacties op het idee van de Italiaanse school:

"And from one side people who did not have the courage to start a new adventure like that and going back to school. I mean, if you have been a miner or a worker for 30, 40 years, and, okay, some of them were younger of course, but to go back to school is not, is not so obvious. Many of them, they were a little bit afraid that they would not make it. They were… So that was one aspect. The reaction from another group of people was: the Dutch government, the Italian government, they must help us. They must give us money, they must, they must, they must. That doesn’t work either. I mean, you have to help yourself if you want to achieve something. So it was, sometimes we had difficult discussion with these, with these people to convince them that this was something worthwhile to do for themselves. So we had, we were going to visit these people, also, I mean Delft is where at the end we had a major, a big group of people which really we could motivate. But we went to Amsterdam, we went to Haarlem, everywhere there was this, this group. Also Sittard, down the Limburg, but then was too far away for us. It did not really work."

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