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Surinamese musicians played a special role in the Dutch jazz culture. They had the required skin color for jazz, and when they used American-sounding stage names like Kid Dynamite (Arthur Parisius) or Teddy Cotton (Theodoor Kantoor), the audience felt they were more authentic jazz musicians than white Dutch musicians.

Light-skinned Surinamese musician Max Woiski also found out that the blacker the musician, the more authentic his music was thought to be:
Once Kid Dynamite had signed two contracts by mistake: Scheveningen and Oostvoorne. He asked me whether I would play in Oostvoorne. I said okay, but the owner looked at me as if I was trying to swindle him. He was not very interested in my ability to play the flute or saxophone: the point was that I wasnt colored enough. My skin was slightly too light. I added a jet black trumpet player to the orchestra to add some color, but that didnt improve the tone of the music because the poor boy couldnt keep time.

Famous American musicians like Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong also visited the Netherlands. De Groene Amsterdammer wrote a review on the Duke prior to his first visit to the Netherlands in 1933: Stars, a piece by Parker, is performed by Duke Ellington in an inimitable manner. (...) Tension is kept up throughout the piece to such an extent that I do not hesitate to call it one of Ellingtons best products. (..) Such orchestration.

Filmpje is gemaak door IDtv Docs, ter gelegenheid van Black is beautiful (tentoonstelling in de nieuwe kerk zie http://www.blackisbeautifulamsterdam.nl/)


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