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White women writers and their African invention
Framing new boundaries for postcolonial and gender studies, this literary history examines the lives and works of two of the most controversial writers about Africa, Olive Schreiner and Karen Blixen (writing under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen). Each forged a complex literary and social identity from her experience as a white woman settler in a culture dominated by men. With a meditative approach he attributes to his upbringing as a white child growing up in the Western Cape, he argues that white women writers were forced to view the historical landscape of Africa from an interior and subjective point of view. He maintains that these authors--privileged because of their social class and race but marginalized because of their gender--transformed the split in their own lives into motivation for their fiction and into a fundamental aspect of their stories. They were rebellious women divided between the Europe they sought to escape and the Africa they tried to domesticate; they turned to narrative to confront the problem of discrimination without escaping the practice themselves.
Lewis, Simon
schrijvers / witte vrouwen / sociale klasse / etniciteit / kolonialisme / Zuidelijk Afrika
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