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Women and gender in early modern Europe
Survey of the entire life experience of women in Europe over 300 years, structured in three parts: mind, body and spirit. This updated edition contains: a new chapter on gender and race in the colonial world; expanded coverage of eighteenth century developments including the Enlightenment; discussions of masculinity, single women, same-sex relations, humanism, and women’s religious roles within Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Other themes include: the female life-cycle, women’s economic roles, artistic creations, education and witchcraft.
Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E.
vroegmoderne periode / rolgedrag / gender / vrouwbeelden / levensfasen / seksualiteit / arbeid / onderwijs / kunsten / godsdiensten / humanisme / hekserij / politieke participatie / kolonialisme / etnische verhoudingen / culturele stromingen / Europa
New York
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