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Women in German yearbook 18 : feminist studies in German literature & culture
This yearbook presents a historical section in which articles focus on topics such as reception, the representation of women, and more or less forgotten German women writers from previous centuries. It presents two contemporary artists who have a connection to Women in German, and the volume offers an array of discussions about and approaches to the feminist study of German literature and culture.Contents: The new Scheherazade ; Identity through imagination: an interview with Lilian Faschinger ; 'Everything will be fine': an interview with Fatima El-Tayeb ; Local funding and global movement: minority women's filmmaking and the German film landscape ; Eighteenth-century libertinism in a time of change: representations of Catherine the Great ; Suffering, silence, and the female voice in German fiction around 1800 ; The reception of the Bluestockings by eighteenth century German women writers ; Nineteenth-century German literary women's reception of Madame de Staël ; Capturing Hawai'i's rare beauty: scientific desire and precolonial ambivalence in E.T.A. Hoffmann´s "Haimatochare" ; Amalia Schoppe's 'Die Colonisten' and the "menace of mimicry" ; Else Lasker-Schüler: writing hysteria ; Ethnicity and gender in Else Lasker-Schüler's "oriental" stories: "Der Amokläufer" ("Tschadragupta") and "Ached Bey" ; Arthur Schnitzler's 'Fräulein Else' and the end of the bourgeois tragedy.
Herminghouse, Patricia / Joeres, Ruth-Ellen Boetcher
literatuur / receptie / vrouwbeelden / schrijvers / literatuurwetenschap / films / regisseurs / etniciteit / vorstenhuizen / Duitsland / Rusland / 18e eeuw / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw / jaarboek
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