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Women, science, and myth : gender beliefs from antiquity to the present
This volume explores the interactions between gender and scientific research. It examines the ways scientists have researched gender throughout history, the influence of those results on society's perceptions of women, and the impact of those findings on the scientific community and on women, women scientists, and women's rights movements.,The book is divided into two major sections, chronological and thematic. The articles in the chronological section highlight changes in time through historical eras and are international in scope. The format alternates between sociohistoric accounts and biographical essays listing and describing influential women in the field of science. The thematic section is divided into six subcategories and contains articles on the individual disciplines of science, aspects of human behavior, institutions, discrimination, and philosophical and theoretical critiques concerning women and science. Examples of articles in this section: the brain, mental illness, personality, hormones, menopause, homosexuality, race, nature/nurture, education, motherhood, religion, universities, professional societies, women scientists as leaders, and Nobel laureates. Other examples include: Feminist philosophy of science; Biologists who study gender/feminism; Historians of science who focus on feminism; Primatologists who focus on females/gender; Ecofeminism; Race, postcolonial gender, and science; Feminist science studies; Women's health movement; and Science fiction.
Rosser, Sue V.
bètawetenschappen / technologie / gender / theorieën / biologie / psychologie / man vrouw verschillen / natuur cultuur debat / universiteiten / discriminatie / feminisme / wetenschapskritiek / antieke oudheid / middeleeuwen / renaissance / 18e eeuw / 19e eeuw / 20e eeuw / biografische gegevens
Santa Barbara, CA
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