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[Women in South Asia]
8 documents on South Asia::FAO report on rural poverty in South Asia and the role of non-government organisations (25p., 1985)Mobilising women for rural employment in South Asia : issues of class, caste and patronage / Ruth B. Dixin (article, 22p., 1982)Daughter neglect, women's work and marriage: Pakistan and Bangladesh compared / Miller (article, 17p., 1984Talaq-i-Tafwid and stipulations in a Muslim marriage contract: important means of protecting the position of the South Asian muslim wife / Carroll (article, 32p., 1982)Muslim family law in South Asia : the right to avoid an arranged marriage contracted during minority / Carroll (article, 31p., 1981)List of publications of Lucy C. Stout, pseud. Lucy Carroll on women's rights and family (muslim) law in India and PakistanWhen the routine is remarkable: the Hindu Code Bill and Hindu-Muslim relations in the 1950s / Rina Verma (50p., 1996)Women's higher education and family networks in South Asia: Kinnaird College, Lahore, 1913-60 / Maskiell (dissertation, 274p., 1979)
Dixon, Ruth B. / Miller, Barbara D. / Carroll, Lucy / Verma, Rina / Maskiell, Michelle
armoede / ontwikkeling / emancipatie / hoger onderwijs / recht / religieus recht / islam / hindoeïsme / Zuid-Azië
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