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Women's life in Greece and Rome : a source book in translation
This collection provides a look into the public and private lives and legal status of Greek and Roman women of all social classes-from wet nurses, prostitutes, and gladiatrixes to poets, musicians, intellectuals, priestesses, and housewives. The third edition adds new texts to sections throughout the book, vividly describing women's sentiments and circumstances through readings on love, bereavement, and friendship, as well as property rights, breast cancer, female circumcision, and women's roles in ancient religions, including Christianity and pagan cults.
Lefkowitz, Mary R. / Fant, Maureen B.
antieke oudheid / dichters / filosofie / recht / politiek / seksualiteit / homoseksualiteit / huwelijken / leefvormen / beroepen / vrouwenorganisaties / hekserij / christendom / bundel
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