Uitgebreid zoeken

Zo vader zo zoon

But you know the story of my father is also something which has had an influence later on, because he also emigrated. In the 30 years he worked five or six years in France. And first as a, as a driver, then he worked as a smith, fabbro [smid], that was a big company, they build the road on the Cornice around Nice. Along the coast. And he was working for this company and he was making metallurgical treatments of the machine, of the board, they used to make holes in the rocks for the dynamite. And then from then he worked, became an electrician. So for all, and that I think is also what influenced our lives later on in terms of experience. He of course was speaking French, exceptional in the, all things, and it was, gave me and my brother the interest on the technical work. That’s the story, how it goes.

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